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With my take on the Takings Clause.
Should the exclusionary rule and all its works be slowly destroyed?
Coverage from SCOTUSBlog, an article from professors Carissa and Andrew Hessick.
See me speak in one of several major cities this fall.
Justice Scalia's legacy, and the mistake of dismissing it.
The Ninth Circuit's approach to the exclusionary rule in the posse comitatus case is based on Ninth Circuit precedent. But that circuit precedent is out of step with the Supreme Court's approach to the exclusionary rule.
A conference at CWRU will examine the legal and policy issues arising from state decisions to opt out of the federal war on marijuana.
What do we learn from the Founding-era translations of the Constitution?
Yes, but maybe not the one you think.
The D.C. Circuit's challenge to Justice Scalia
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