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Should federal courts apply the canon of constitutional avoidance to state statutes?
Why people are talking past one another.
Caleb Nelson on when federal courts can make federal law
Judge Easterbrook provides a lesson in statutory interpretation.
Can a city charge people $30 for being arrested?
Martinez v. Illinois was a summary reversal, in which the state of Illinois had been allowed to appeal an acquittal, which is a no-no under the Double Jeopardy Clause.
Here are four reasons why they differ.
I didn't know that part of the training includes a visit to the National Holocaust Museum, as a lesson on the dangers of the transformation of law enforcement into a tool of oppression.
Motorola Mobility: A do-over
It is a rare achievement to write about a case in the constitutional law canon and tell us something we did not know. John Stinneford does with Miranda.
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