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Today in "This Town" in another town.
Little Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky will grow up quite differently from mom Chelsea's humble-by-comparison upbringing.
Stand by your man, the TV ad.
Anthony Weiner entering new business; we give it a name
The NFL commissioner says he has nothing to do with the interruption.
Most of you couldn't resist the obvious phallic joke, but kept it clean. Well, mostly.
Empty or not, the threats to expose Emma Watson's nudes -- if they even exist -- are part of a larger effort to control and silence women on the Internet.
On Sunday, TV personality Joy Behar tweeted a picture of House Speaker John Boehner putting her in a headlock. So there's that.
But most importantly, a photo of Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton hanging out.
Some political couples survive public scandal, but the McDonnells actually put their relationship on trial.
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