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Two big goals are still out there for the Cincinnati Bengals: Shine in prime time, win in the playoffs.
Jeremy Hill got the ball on Cincinnati's first four plays, setting the Bengals on course for an opening touchdown drive in Cleveland.
Flames shot skyward from two giant Browns helmets as rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel ran onto the field for his first start.
Wearing large headphones to block out the world, Johnny Manziel walked slowly from the Browns' locker room, pausing to sign an autograph for a young fan who painted his face for the occassion.
They chased him. They taunted him. They made him look scared.
The only fans left at Paul Brown Stadium in the final minutes were the ones twirling those yellow towels and celebrating another significant Steelers victory in December.
With a second straight meltdown at home, the Bengals find themselves in deep trouble.
Along with being sacked, taunted, embarrassed and generally mistreated Sunday by the Cincinnati Bengals, Johnny Manziel got humbled.
DENVER (11-3) at CINCINNATI (9-4-1)
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