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The parenting columnist offers her best advice after 35 years of writing.
Although I have not yet put up my holiday decorations, inside, there is a Christmas lunatic just waiting to get out. And there's a good reason for it.
Her 14-year-old doesn't listen and Marguerite Kelly advises how to handle it.
Marguerite Kelly says a therapist and mediator could help the situation.
FAMILY ALMANAC | Two boys, 4 and 9, enjoy co-sleeping, but it can cause commotion.
Marguerite Kelly advises a mom who is devastated by her daughter's wish to cut her out of her life.
Reinvigorating the routine with a little undivided attention.
Advice for a bathroom dawdler's parents from Marguerite Kelly.
Marguerite Kelly gives advice about what to do with two boys who sit around and watch TV.
Marguerite Kelly advises this mom on how to deal with her teenage son.
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