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As the Redskins' first day of training camp approaches, Mike Jones goes over key areas to monitor on offense.
Things kicked up another notch at Redskins training camp a day after a low-key practice on Wednesday. Today, the shoulder pads were back on, so that meant more contact, and more of a spirited atmosphere.
Evan Royster has been a useful role player for Washington, but the team keeps drafting running backs. So to make the roster, he'll have to stand out.
Saturday was Day 3 of training camp for the Redskins, and the first practice in pads. Mike Jones shares what he saw during a spirited, physical practice.
After the fireworks from Monday's full-pad practice, it was hard for the players to recapture that type of intensity. But they all said it felt good to get back to work, and they liked what they got accomplished.
The Redskins have knocked out five days of practice, and get back to work on Wednesday for four more straight days of practice. Meantime, Mike Jones answers readers' questions.
Running back Chris Thompson wants to show Redskins Coach Jay Gruden that he can be a dependable option.
As he and his players work to develop an identity on offense, Jay Gruden has stressed that diversity will be key for Washington's success.
Day 8: Another fiesty practice in Richmond.
Mike Jones shares what he saw out at minicamp today.
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