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Friends, former colleagues and dignitaries gathered for a reception.
To bid the famed editor farewell, friends and family gather at his Georgetown home.
The funeral for former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee at Washington National Cathedral.
Sally Quinn entertained friends and family of the late Post editor in her Georgetown home.
The idea of popping out for lunch, even with THE Ben Bradlee, was too much to handle.
Bradlee's touching tribute brings tears to many.
The spectacle, the luminaries, the laughs and the profanities: All served to honor the 'journalistic warrior'
Ben Bradlee was remembered as an extraordinary newspaper man and a man who knew how to have fun.
But amid the somber black suits, there were flashes of cuff links and bright white collars that were the iconic editor's signature.
Luminaries from politics and the media were among those in attendance.
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