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The man some see as a Bill Clinton's fall guy weaves fiction from familiar themes, and he says he isn't bitter.
The Army reprimanded a past Delta Force commander for sharing classified information in his book.
The West Point graduate and Harvard doctoral candidate had great expectations.
How does image rehab work?
CIA Director David H. Petraeus did not intend to resign from his position until it became clear that his extramarital affair with his biographer would become public, according to two longtime military aides.
Gen. David H. Petraeus had always been careful about managing his public image,aides say. But when it came to Paula Broadwell he seemed eager to throw the rulebook away.
Men finally find there is a cost for their frat boy antics.
Following the ex-CIA director's own apology, she says if you've made mistakes, "you can still contribute and pick up, dust off and move on."
Petraeus girlfriend said general approved her access to classified records
The general's biographer said she's "made some mistakes" in the past but is trying to look forward.
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