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A science writer summarizes the debate. Remember acid rain?
This is not a parody.
Gov. McAuliffe's positions on pipeline proposal and climate change show difficulty of pleasing everyone.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe launched his climate change commission on Wednesday, urging the panel to develop concrete ideas to blunt the impact of rising seas along Virginia's threatened coast.
New research shows the rain-rich are not getting richer and the rain-poor more deprived - contrary to a common global warming rule of thumb.
Almost on cue, rain and high tides brought flooding Monday to Norfolk ahead of the first gathering of Virginia's new climate change panel.
Asked about a proposed pipeline, McAuliffe said it will be good for the environment, but activists disagree.
Food is a necessity, but it's also a big business. That might be complicating things.
With climate change still a political minefield across the nation despite the strong scientific consensus that it's happening, some community leaders have hit upon a way of preparing for the potentially severe local consequences without triggering explosions of partisan warfare: Just change the subject.
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