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Several authors will make presentations and sign copies of their books.
Alan Greenspan, Clay Risen, James Conaway and Derek Anderson are among those slated to appear.
The billionaire philanthropist is giving $12.35 million to fix up the Arlington House and cemetery grounds.
So, about that raise you were hoping for...
Philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, who agreed to fund half the cost of fixing the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument, is donating more than $12 million for a project to rehabilitate the mansion, grounds and slave quarters of the historic Arlington House, which serves as the Robert E. Lee Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.
The complete guest list for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit dinner provided by the White House.
The leader of the nation's second-largest telecom company is also optimistic about deal to buy DirecTV
Elephant road trip, without rest stops, ends in DC: Trek from Calgary covered 2,400 miles
The three Asian elephants came from Calgary, Canada, and arrived in the District on Friday morning.
Tuesday's final budget votes closes out 26 days of controversy over a relatively tiny chunk of revenue.
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