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Hurricane Edouard was the perfect environment to test new data-collecting drones because the storm was strong, had a well-defined eye and never threatened land, U.S. government scientists said Thursday.
Richard Whittle traces the history of the Predator drone from its slow beginnings to its ultimate success.
A drone is being used to photograph accidents and make a 3D model of the city.
At 7:53 a.m., the drone landed in Maryland following an 11-hour flight from California that soared over the Mexico border and up the Atlantic Coast.
The expansion highlights the growing U.S. counterterrorism cooperation in the region with France.
U.S. government scientists are launching winged drones into Hurricane Edouard, hoping to collect data that could help forecasters understand what makes some storms strengthen into monsters while others fade away.
Officials want to see how the camera-equipped unmanned craft might be of use to firefighters and police.
The guest-bloggers cowrote "Journo-Drones: A Flight over the Legal Landscape" (published recently in the Communications Lawyer).
He is letting himself off the hook for the U.S. bombing of tens of thousands of civilians.
Designed by Northrop Grumman, the massive unmanned MQ-4C Triton maritime surveillance drone will rely on radar, infrared sensors and advanced cameras to provide full-motion video and photographs to the military.
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