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Among the many changes- two new developers will join the Politics team to build new tools and features. The Fix and Post Politics blogs also expand to include even more bylines.
But where does the word come from?
Hillary Clinton once warned against the effects of an individual mandate.
A list of residential real estate transactions in Montgomery and Frederick counties.
The full array includes everything from a tax credit for corporate R&D to special expensing for film production.
Dan Eggen discussed Obama's blessing of a super PAC.
Tomatina, tensions rise over Syria, Yosemite wildfires, coral spawning and more.
The answer lies in the complicated world of campaign finance.
Away from the populist-tinged events of the regular Republican convention is a far more exclusive set of gatherings tailored especially to the billionaires and other well-heeled donors who have become a defining presence in the 2012 elections.
Memorable weather from the past year includes last summer's derecho and heat wave and Hurricane Sandy.
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