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The pop star-turned-Democratic-candidate is hoping to win over voters in a N.C. congressional race.
Arrogance is part of the shtick for comedian Bill Maher. In his latest bit, he's asked fans to help him identify the most inept and corrupt lawmaker on Capitol Hill. He'll name the "winner" Friday.
Kline isn't even a top Democratic target.
The singer is running for Congress in North Carolina.
The 273-156 roll call Wednesday by which the House agreed to give the U.S. military authority to train and arm Syrian rebels.
Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) says her "down to a women's level" comment was taken out of context.
As lawmakers squabble over border security, some enjoy south-of-the-border fare.
For the second time, an anti-reform primary challenger is competitive despite being severely outspent.
DoJ weighs in on Ohio, Wisconsin voter laws, all the Q2 FEC reports you'll ever need, poll-a-palooza in Iowa, Mich., N.H., Menendez spends big on legal bills.
Why Alexander lived to tell the tale.
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