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Perhaps it's because "Sheila Kelly" and Rosemary Lehmberg resemble each other a little bit that I thought of a "Saturday Night Live" skit.
Instead of leaking information, St. Louis officials should release all of the reports in the fatal case.
"We couldn't care less" appears to be the motto of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson and his department.
Not since the horror of Hurricane Katrina had I been appalled by the absence of leadership by local U.S. officials.
"My family and I continue to pray for them during their darkest hour of burying a child."
Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
He has neither been silent about nor disengaged from the shooting of Michael Brown.
Victims of the 'war on whites' play the so-called race card with the gusto of those lefties they accuses of manufacturing the deck.
If the Republican Party doesn't broaden its reach to people of color, Hispanics in particular, it is doomed as a national party.
After two years of investigation, no evidence to buttress any of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, attack.
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