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The passions unleashed for the past three months by students and others who want a say in their government can't be re-corked.
"We are certain you will enjoy her brief talk on gentlemanly conduct, good manners and etiquette."
The free flow of ideas will do more to erode the Castroses' hold than anything thrown at them over the last half century.
If Bush actually jumps in the race and wins the nomination, Democrats ought to worry. But that's a big if.
"A call for justice shouldn't offend or disrespect anybody," said Andrew Hawkins. "A call for justice shouldn't warrant an apology."
The protesters are the gorgeous mosaic of America and cut across every demographic.
These men were still given a badge and gun and were in a position to take the life of a black male without being held accountable.
"Clearly a black man's life is not worth a ham sandwich."
There is no justice because that would imply there was a trial by a jury.
Twelve witnesses told investigators that Michael Brown had his hands up.
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