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The cuts were proposed by M d. Gov. Martin O'Malley because tax revenue is not as high as expected
With tax revenues unlikely to be as strong as projected, the governor wants to trim about $80 million.
Republican Larry Hogan said Friday that if Maryland residents want a substantial change in direction in the governor's office, they should vote for him, while Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown told a conference of local officials that the kind of changes Hogan advocates would hurt the state.
Sales tax time-outs in Virginia and Maryland don't help the states' bottom lines.
Five area business schools have appointed new deans in less than two years, just one of many changes underway in American business education.
How a $10 billion redevelopment of Union Station could reshape Washington and the region.
Larry Hogan's campaign has had a lot of fun criticizing Brown for taxing the rain. But is that true?
Here are five things to know about what Maryland voters will be deciding on Election Day:
Don't just send children to college with dorm-room basics without the financial essentials they'll also need.
Maryland transit official says rising land prices, more refined engineering are adding to price tag.
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