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Against the Rams, the offensive line, tight ends and running backs contributed to the lack of success. Do the Giants provide an opportunity to get on track?
The Rams have a very good pass rush, which means quick passes and spreading the ball around seem like the best ways to generate offense. We take a look at the numbers and explain how it can be done.
Quarterback switches aside, there are some bright spots for the Redskins. Two young linebackers are playing well against the run.
Struggles with blocking are at the heart of the Bucs' 1-8 start. So should the Redskins take advantage by blitzing, or rush four and watch for screens and draws?
Washington unleashed cover-zero blitzes against Dallas and got five sacks, but Minnesota's offensive line is vulnerable, even without the aggressiveness.
DeMarco Murray has been the NFL's best so far. Washington's got a good run defense. Can it be the first to hold the Cowboys running back below 100 yards?
Arizona doesn't have a great pass rush, but it does a good job of disguising its defense. Can Kirk Cousins and the Redskins' offense have a big day?
Teams sometimes avoid the side of the field where Seattle's best corner is playing, but there are some ways to gain yards in his direction.
A stats-focused and a game-review focused look at how the Redskins' pass rush can give them a chance to beat the Eagles.
A stats specialist and a play-breakdown specialist come together to analyze whether the Redskins are in for another difficult challenge.
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