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Ryan Clark may have had a point when he said the Redskins have "the most talented secondary I've been around."
There are a few red flags that come along with the right-handed hitter.
The best and worst running back values for the upcoming fantasy football season.
No closer has saved more runs based on the bases occupied and out situations faced than the Nationals closer has.
Seattle has gotten $27.6 million in value in just two years on Lynch's four-year, $30 million contract.
The best and worst QB values for the upcoming fantasy football season.
Offensively, Washington has improved, but there still are too many question marks on defense for a 10-win season.
HVaC scoring system lets you know who to start this week in head-to-head fantasy baseball leagues.
Wall created 21.3 points per game off assists, third highest last season among players with at least 41 games played.
Despite changing teams, McCown's production should transfer to his new club.
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