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Will Griffin reach 3,700 passing yards, 22.5 passing touchdowns, 12.5 interceptions, 500.5 rushing yards and 3.5 rushing touchdowns in 2014?
You can't draft every player you would like, but you can always try to trade for them later in the season. Here are five players who could struggle early but make great additions to your roster for a playoff push.
He's been among the worst in the league at limiting the damage line drives cause.
These players have value higher than where they've been going in drafts so far, according to average draft position (ADP).
Gil Brandt thinks Carson Palmer is 'going to have a big year.' Probably not.
Here is where you can find value with every pick.
These players are either overvalued at their position or have a high bust potential
If the current gap between them holds, it would be the narrowest victory in the NL since 2003
In fact, Hill may be an upgrade.
His mobility and familiarity with the stick route will help Virginia Tech's offense improve
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