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If you thought last winter was a horror show, with cold blasts from the polar vortex and a lack of California rain, here's some good news: No sequel is expected this year, federal forecasters say.
In an unprecedented coincidence, two hurricanes 5,600 miles apart will impact two popular island paradises on the same day.
The National Weather Service has taken to social media to answer your most burning wx geek questions in their "Did You Know?" campaign.
The powerful Pacific storm churning toward Hawaii became a hurricane but remained far enough away from the islands to allow tourists to make the most of Friday's remaining sunny weather.
Hurricane Gonzalo roared toward Bermuda as a powerful Category 4 storm early Friday amid warnings by forecasters that the British island territory would likely be hit with damaging winds and life-threatening storm surge in coming hours.
A massive and spectacular storm has formed in the North Atlantic. The giant comma-shaped swirl expands across almost the entire ocean basin.
People on the tiny British territory of Bermuda rushed Thursday to batten down for Hurricane Gonzalo, which was roaring toward them as a major Category 4 storm just days after a tropical storm damaged homes and knocked down trees and power lines.
Hurricane Gonzalo struck a glancing blow to Newfoundland before racing out into the North Atlantic Sunday after earlier battering Bermuda without causing any deaths or serious injuries.
The super typhoon is not only powerful but large, with gale-force winds covering around 340,000 square miles.
Hurricane Ana was on course Saturday to miss Hawaii by more than a hundred miles but was generating high waves, strong winds and heavy rains that prompted flash-flood warnings throughout the islands.
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