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A college sexual assault storyline is may be the worst thing Aaron Sorkin's put on air, but it also reveals an ugly aversion to change that runs through the rest of the show.
We need leaders who take populist discontent seriously and support practical reform.
A rare victim of the anti-finance backlash in Britain's capital.
Fourteen years after his last album, the R&B/soul has released another masterpiece.
The magazine selected the Ebola caregivers as the most influential newsmakers of 2014.
The book is probably best described as a work of religious sociology -- both how society impacts religious practice (and how religious views evolve over time) as well as how religious views impact society.
Income inequality in America affects the success of its foreign policy.
Vandals reacted with some violence in Oakland, but protests outside Ferguson were largely peaceful.
Consumer Bureau charges Corinthian Colleges with trapping its students in debt, while Occupy Wall Street wipes it out.
Activists, politicians and celebrities rally in New York to demand action on climate change.
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