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Want to keep your energy bills down this summer, or you're not sure what to do when the power goes out?
Third-party suppliers offer greener, more expensive options.
The Maryland Public Service Commission has approved an electricity rate hike for Pepco, but less than the utility requested.
The project would take seven to 10 years and cost nearly $1 billion, pushing electric bills up.
The Washington electric company, a fixture for more than a century, is sold to nuclear energy giant Exelon
Should Alexandria land become park, open space, residential or commercial land?
Utility crews are working to restore power to thousands of customers in the Mid-Atlantic region after strong storms moved through the area.
Inside the Studio with artisans Johannah Willsey and Kyle Lucia.
Impulsive shopping can clutter your home and declutter your wallet. Think first. Buy second.
Troubled, century-old local utility could see improvements under new owner, if deal is approved
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