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NOTE: Newt Gingrich formally ended his presidential campaign on May 2.

Newt Gingrich entered the 2012 Republican presidential race in May and was the first GOP candidate to formally launch his campaign.“I believe we can return America to hope and opportunity,” Gingrich said. “We’ve done it before, we can do it again.”

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Despite a decade-long exile from public office, Gingrich remains one of the Republican Party’s most visible and prolific idea men and arguably the most influential former congressman in history. And he plans to be even more powerful as he launched his 2012 presidential bid in May 2011.

Gingrich transformed himself and his party from back-benchers in the 1980s to the dominant force in American politics in the 1990s. And he remained as bombastic and controversial as ever even as he refocused his attention from the “corrupt left-wing machine,” a longtime favorite target, to the demise of his own party’s fortunes in the mid-2000s, a fall from grace that Gingrich said was largely the fault of Republicans themselves.

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From outside voice to inside player: Rise of Steve Scalise reflects changing House GOP

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The new House majority whip seeks to unify the rancorous GOP caucus before a war vote and the midterms.

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Henderson joined The Post in 2010.

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Quote of the Week: Gingrich compares Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian

Newt Gingrich flatters former foe Bill Clinton while making an unflattering comparison between Hillary Clinton to a reality TV star.


U.S. Rep. John Tierney of Massachusetts falls to Iraq war veteran in primary

(Jessica Rinaldi / AP)

The Democrat is only the fourth sitting House member to be defeated this primary season.


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