Julian Assange, runway model? Some lookbooks, from Snowden to Putin

You know what they say about the relative strangeness of fiction and reality.

And now, Julian Assange is slated to model (from the Ecuadorian Embassy, though) as part of London Fashion Week. Ben Westwood, designer and son of Vivienne Westwood, tapped the Wikileaker, saying he hoped to keep him in the public eye and use him as fashion inspiration.

Apparently the fashions will be inspired both by Clint Eastwood and by Assange’s own “look” — the beret did not go unremarked.

So this is happening, it seems.

If Whistleblowers and Newsmakers From Two-ish Years Ago And Today are going to become fashion inspirations, here are a few more lookbooks:

The Look:

The model: Julian Assange

Here, Julian has accessorized with a speech, a classic and versatile accessory that goes with almost any outfit, including this fetching coat and scarf. You can see why Benedict Cumberbatch, also known for his dramatic coats, felt comfortable stepping into Julian’s shoes for a film role.

How to get this look: Do something elaborate to your hair. Wear berets a lot. Found Wikileaks. Escape to Ecuador to avoid being extradited to Sweden.

The Look:

The Model: Edward Snowden.

Here Edward Snowden sports his trademark button-down shirt and glasses.  He accessorizes with a laptop, a fun way that Snowden shows his personality. The festive colors of the protest stickers (“I Support Online Rights” and “Tor”) offer a whimsical contrast to the otherwise buttoned-down ensemble, hinting at the flair that has made Snowden so controversial among some fashion followers.

How to get this look: Disclose thousands of classified documents to media outlets, flee to Russia, spend a long time in an airport. Fashion traitor or fashion hero? You decide.

The Look:

The model: Anthony Weiner

In this photo, Weiner sports a different ensemble than what we usually see him wearing in pictures. Gone (or at any rate invisible) are the trademark gray shorts. Instead he wears a striped tie, button-down and suit. He has accessorized with an American flag — always classic.

How to get this look: Tweet lewd images of yourself by mistake. Claim you were hacked. Admit you weren’t hacked. Leave Congress. Refuse to leave the public eye. Run for mayor. Lose. Refuse to leave the public eye.

The Look:

The model: Pope Francis I

Before Labor Day? After Labor Day? White is always in with this model!

How to get this look: Become pope.

The Look:

The Model: Kim Jong Un… for Kim Jong Un

These universally flattering suits and hairstyles will bring glory to anyone who wears them! You, too, can be a Glorious Fashion Leader — although not nearly so glorious as Kim Jong Un. This look is without flaw, like the man inside it.

How to get this look: If you’re asking, you have already fallen short of the Glorious Leader’s mandate.

The Look:

The Model: Vladimir Putin

Here, Vlad embodies the new “spornosexual” trend — embracing his body, shirtless, on a horse. He has accessorized with some fun goggles and a small portion of Ukraine.

How to get this look: Only Vladimir Putin can achieve this look.

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