Before wedding memories fade . . .

My goodness, how dull people such as some of your May 1 Free for All letter writers must be as they vent their scorn regarding any American’s interest in the royal wedding.

Britain’s parliamentary democracy is every bit as democratic as America’s democracy. So stop being so self-righteous, get off your high horse and allow others to enjoy what it was: just a happy, joyous occasion (a brief light in an otherwise pretty gloomy world) enjoyed by millions around the world. Lighten up!

Nick Morriss, Chevy Chase


Long live the queen!

I am happy to inform your readers that Queen Elizabeth II is alive and apparently in good health — despite the implication to the contrary in Anthony Faiola’s April 30 front-page story on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

He reported, “Instead, at the bequest of Queen Elizabeth II, the couple will now be known as Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

We can assume he meant “behest.”

Leonard E. Gray, Manassas


The April 28 Style headline “It adds up to an ADD day: From birth issues to royal marriage, Wednesday was certifiably crazy” was inappropriate, insulting and stigmatizing.

What The Post has done is equate the negative aspects of the day to attention deficit disorder and mental health problems and, even worse, used the derogatory term “crazy.”

Trudy Lehmann, Rockville

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