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Carter Eskew is co-host of The Insiders blog, offering commentary from a liberal perspective on Election 2012. Eskew is also a founding partner and managing director of the communications firm Glover Park Group. He was the chief strategist for the Gore 2000 presidential campaign, and he crafted campaign strategy and advertising for several Democratic senators, including Joe Lieberman, Chris Dodd, Tom Harkin, Frank Lautenberg, Dale Bumpers and David Pryor. Read more about Eskew.

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Actions needed at the border, not words

Actions needed at the border, not words

The sad plight of the Central American children highlights a pattern of President Obama’s detachment in the face of problems.

Hillary Clinton’s opportune moment

Hillary Clinton isn’t having a particularly good month, but it doesn’t matter because President Obama is having an even worse one.

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Will the city improve under the new mayor?

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It’s past time to try to fix our nation’s infrastructure.