Ed Rogers
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Ed Rogers is a contributor to the PostPartisan blog, and a veteran of the White House and several national campaigns. He is the chairman of the lobbying and communications firm BGR Group, which he founded with former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in 1991. Rogers has been involved with numerous Republican political campaigns, including the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. In the first Bush White House, he reported to chief of staff John Sununu. In the Reagan White House, he worked in the office of political affairs.

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The Ferguson incident only produces losers

I don’t know who could have stepped up and made this a teachable moment, but certainly no one has.

The Democrats’ economic failures will follow them to 2016

What will Democrats offer voters in 2016 that isn’t just more of the same failed economic policies?

GOP shouldn’t overreact to Obama’s immigration order

Republicans should be smart and measured in their response to Obama’s executive overreach and pass their own tough package of immigration reform bills.

What could save Obama?

What could save Obama?

The reviews and commentary on President Obama couldn’t get any worse, and there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon to pull him out of the hole he has dug for himself.