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Erik Wemple has been doing journalism for and about Washington for more than two decades. He started out covering export controls, with an emphasis on the Commerce Department’s long-since-renamed Bureau of Export Administration. But then he took a liking to local affairs, which turned into a position as the Loose Lips columnist for the Washington City Paper. Then came a stint covering Washington for a New York-based, media-obsessed product of the Internet bubble (, defunct). After eight years as editor of the City Paper and another year as editor of, he landed at The Washington Post, where he reports and opines on media organizations of all sorts.

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Media should hammer Obamacare Inc. for enrollment inflation

A more forthcoming policy on enrollment numbers would have cushioned this disaster.

Bill Clinton explains Fox News

Bill Clinton explains Fox News

Talks about the motives of his late mother-in-law in tuning into the network.

Media organizations: Get out of the ‘intersection’!

Is there any reason a publication cannot simply cover, like, ‘politics and culture’?