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Feeling the sting of Mitt Romney’s ‘zingers’

Wow! What happens when you take away the hype, the sycophants, the fawning media and, oh yes, the teleprompter? What happens when the “zingers” are well-considered, relevant, articulately conveyed facts? Why, you have a presidential debate that is presidential and purposeful, and that illuminates the two clear and clearly distinct choices for this nation’s future.

Wednesday night’s exchange was not about who had the superior performance; it was about who held the superior positions. President Obama felt the sting of a dignified yet pointed examination by a real chief executive scrutinizing half-baked fantasies, no doubt much like that felt by ill-prepared would-be captains of industry appealing to Bain Capital for just one more chance.

As was the case with Bain Capital’s efforts to save fundamentally flawed and hopelessly failing corporations, sometimes investors must simply pull the plug and put their capital where it can do the most good.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Woodbridge

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