Letter to the Editor

Fixing a broken school-funding law

The Post’s March 4 editorial “Maryland declares war on localities” included a thorough mischaracterization of proposed fixes to Maryland’s maintenance-of-effort law, which would strengthen protections of local school funding. The bill would, in fact, achieve some of the things The Post argued for in the editorial, such as increased local flexibility regarding spending.

Currently, the broken maintenance-of-effort law is putting $2.6 billion in local school funding at risk, threatening the state and local funding partnership. That could result in increased class sizes and reduced extracurricular activities and programs for special education, academic intervention, early childhood learning, assistance for impoverished students and more.

The proposed fixes in House Bill 1412 ensure that Maryland’s public school system can continue to provide the high-quality services and instruction that students deserve, while creating predictability, consistency, local flexibility and sustainability in how schools are funded.

Clara Floyd, Annapolis

The writer is president of the Maryland State Education Association.

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