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Restoring justice

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  • Restoring justice

    Restoring justice

    Some lifers should be eligible for parole. 296 197
  • Don’t feel sorry for this dog

    Don’t feel sorry for this dog

    My paralyzed dog had a happy life. on canal with Erde and ed.jpg 296 222
  • Climate change at our doorstep

    Climate change at our doorstep

    Arlington is addressing global warming. 05 28 fl-tidewater 029 JW1401293723.jpg 296 197
  • Ending marriage oppression

    Ending marriage oppression

    In Virginia, ensuring the freedom to marry. 296 195

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As Metro eases out paper Farecards, let us celebrate what may be the largest in the world.

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Copies of famous paintings are popping up as part of Art Everywhere U.S. Have you seen them?

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An impersonal approach to school reform

Reformers ignore the relationships at the core of education.

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Fairfax theater seeks new seats with ‘Save Our Butts’ campaign on Kickstarter

The University Mall Theatres, the last ‘dollar theater’ in the DC area, is trying to raise $100,000 to improve the moviegoing experience.

‘No more punting’ on school boundaries

Mayor Vince Gray said he did his successor a favor by setting boundary overhaul in motion.

Washington region’s first bus rapid transit opens Sunday

Premium service in N.Va. offers a different experience, including leveled platforms, bus-only lanes.

In D.C., new rules for safe walking and biking around work zones

Proposed rules will require companies to provide safe passages for pedestrians and cyclists around construction sites.

Single-tracking on Metro’s Orange and Silver lines

Trains are single-tracking between East Falls Church and Ballston stations.

U.S. Park Police temporarily close eastern end of Arlington Memorial Bridge

The bridge was temporarily closed because of police activity.

Metro busker wins reprieve; judge rules the show can go on for now

Temporary court order says transit agency can’t bar street musicians from accepting tips near stations.

Metro busker wins reprieve; judge rules the show can go on for now

Temporary court order says transit agency can’t bar street musicians from accepting tips near stations.

Should bike riders stop for stop signs?

They don’t have to in Idaho, and it may be safer not to.

Update: Single-tracking on Metro’s Red Line resolved

Trains are no longer single-tracking outside Wheaton and Glenmont stations because of a track problem outside Wheaton station.

Metro to pay nearly $5 million for role in no-bid contract

Federal grant funds were used, and a former employee claimed he was unfairly fired for complaining about it.

‘Exact change’ lanes to dwindle on Dulles Toll Road

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is converting 19 lanes that now take “exact change” into E-ZPass-only lanes over the next year.

D.C.’s Ward 8 got its first bike lanes this summer

DDOT has installed 7.5 miles of bike lanes this year, including the first bike lanes in Ward 8.

Southeast D.C. tunnel project decision postponed

The Federal Highway Administration is postponing a decision on the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project until at least Sept. 15.

Update: Suitland Parkway reopens after five-car accident

Police said three people were transported to the hospital after a 7:39 a.m. crash on the westbound side of the highway.