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Changing driver behavior

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  • Changing driver behavior

    Changing driver behavior

    Traffic camers make city streets safer. 296 197
  • Prince George’s is the right choice

    Prince George’s is the right choice

    The FBI headquarters would be a good fit. 296 197
  • Why we hired outside lawyers

    Why we hired outside lawyers

    Montgomery wanted an independent review. 296 190
  • Next for regulating Uber

    Next for regulating Uber

    Open data is better for customers. 296 189

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Hey, I’m driving here!

That “Don't Walk” sign? City streets would move more smoothly if pedestrians obeyed it.

Breaking a swim record

Four guys made a pact when they came back for a 50-year reunion and saw their record stood firm.

An eagerness to share

With Facebook and Twitter always at our fingertips, modern lives require a continuous spoiler alert.

A rallying cry

Relisha Rudd’s name, life and probable death are rarely invoked by mayoral candidates.

Burying the race card

If voters don’t care about race, why is it even an issue in the mayoral election?

Water everywhere

In 1933, a perfect storm churned its way up the bay, flooding communities and setting records.

In a sea of driftwood,

A Virginia artist creates moody, intriguing, large-scale works far from the gallery scene.

License to delay?

A professor who the beat the tobacco industry wants to use force the Redskins to change.

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McDonnell, not Virginia, is a laughingstock

Worries about the commonwealth’s recovery from the gift scandal may be overblown.

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"I would recommend avoiding any and all mall Santas with the VIP line. If there are no alternatives, then avoid a Santa visit altogether and communicate via mail. "

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Popular Woodson High coach Derrick Pearson hired, then un-hired as baseball coach

After the school principal overruled his athletic director, the school district reversed the decision and un-hired Pearson.

David Catania has never been to Nationals Park. Does it matter?

In June, the independent mayoral candidate said he avoided the ballpark ‘out of principle.’ Will Nats fans hold it against him?

Bike commuting is up in the District

According to new Census Bureau data, 4.5 percent of D.C. working residents commuted by bicycle in 2013. That is up from 4.1 percent in 2012 and from 2.2 percent in 2009.

The latest obstacle in D.C.’s bike wars? A porta-potty.

The porta-potty was moved out of the street, and DDOT issued a fine of about $300.

Suspect in U-Va. case was known as ‘an all-around good person’

Jesse L. Matthew Jr.’s past includes a playful persona in high school and an abrupt departure from college.

Purple Line planners say construction costs now at $2.45 billion

Cost increase is less than 1 percent but latest for Maryland light-rail project

Another Purple Line battle focuses on fears of ISIS

In Bevery Hills, school officials have opposed tunneling subway beneath high school.

Pearls for Lunch? Joshua Bell performs in Union Station

Bell, a Grammy-winning violinist, will host a 30-minute impromptu concert at 12:30 p.m.

Purple Line supporters draft “community compact” for route

Agreement would define goals for economic development around new transit stations.

Transparency sought on airline baggage fees

Two consumer groups ask USDOT to require more up-front disclosures.

Update: Single-tracking resolved on Metro’s Red Line, delays continue

Crews repaired a cracked rail outside the Dupont Circle station, a Metro spokesman said.

Declining traffic-camera revenue threatens D.C. budget

The city’s chief financial officer warns that the trend could force District leaders to cut $70 million in spending.

AU to cover extra Metro costs if Nats playoff games run late

American University since 2012 has been an exclusive higher ed ‘partner’ of the ballclub.

Hey, I’m driving here!

That “Don't Walk” sign? City streets would move more smoothly if pedestrians obeyed it.