Letter to the Editor

Rome, Ga. is a complex and innovative city

The Oct. 29 front-page article “Where anger at Obama runs deep used anecdotal evidence and a limited set of facts to infer conclusions about “Main Street in the South.” Clearly, Rome, Ga. , was not the story here. We just provided a stage where Republican voters elected a controversial representative, where hatred of President Obama was easy to identify and where some struggling businesses were ready and willing to assign blame.

If The Post had wanted to present an accurate picture of Rome, it would have also discovered SAI Digital, which was founded as a sole proprietorship at the onset of the recession in 2008 and now employs eight full-time, fully insured professionals. The Post would have noticed that several new technology and creative companies launched, expanded and hired staff at the same time that the profiled businesses were failing.

It would have told about the creation of a start-up community bustling with activity. It would have mentioned a $21 million, stimulus-funded project that laid 182 miles of fiber optic cable, created hundreds of jobs and made 1 gigabit-per-second Internet service available in the same downtown area The Post painted as a ghost town.

The real story is that creative energy exists even in a place where the political opinions held by a vocal group are easy to satirize. Building any argument from a faulty premise or incomplete facts always will produce conclusions that aren’t as complex as the reality they seek to explain.

Tricia Steele and

Greg Richardson, Rome, Ga.

The writers are, respectively, chief executive officer of SAI Digital and managing partner of Civitium.

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