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Use a timer to stop too-talkative debate candidates

I would like to suggest a change to the presidential-debate format.

In the interest of fairness to both candidates, use an electronic timer that will be visible to not only the candidates but also the audience. Give each candidate three minutes to respond to a question.

The candidate’s microphone and timer will be turned on immediately after the moderator asks a question. When the timer reaches zero, the speaker’s microphone will be cut off. This will avoid any finger-wagging by the moderator.

Each candidate will also have a button on his or her podium with which to stop the timer and switch off the microphone. This will allow the candidate to save some time for future use if he or she should so desire.

This scheme gives the same amount of time to each candidate and relieves pressure on the moderator to cut off either person.

Brian Miller, Stafford

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