September 16, 2013

The Sept. 16 Fed Page article “House GOP seeks to cut food stamps by $40 billion” got me thinking how I would explain this effort to my young grandchildren.

If a person is able-bodied and wants to work but cannot find a job and, therefore, earn money to buy food, we have two choices: We can give them money to buy food until they find a job, or we can let them go hungry. If they go hungry, they will become weak and sick and be unable to work. Then we have two more choices: We can give them medicine, medical care and food, so they will get better, or we can let them die.

Which do you think is more expensive: Giving them food initially or later? Which do you think is the right thing to do: Take care of people or let them die? I know my grandchildren would understand instantly. Do Republican congressmen?

Ann W. Joseloff, Silver Spring

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