Solid approval and ethical ratings for Gov. McDonnell

Poll Questions

Q: Do you think things in the state of Virginia (are generally going in the right direction) or do you feel things (have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track)?

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Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Bob McDonnell is handling his job as governor?

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Q: Generally speaking, how would you rate the overall economy of Virginia: excellent, good, not so good or poor?

Q: Please tell me if the following applies to Bob McDonnell -- He has high personal moral and ethical standards?

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Q: Do you think people should be able to give as many personal gifts as they want to political candidates or officeholders in Virginia, or should there be limits on how much they can give?

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Q: Do you think elected officials in Virginia should or should not be required to disclose large gifts given to their immediate family members from non-family members?

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Q: How closely, if at all, have you been following news about gifts and other political contributions from Star Scientific, a Virginia company, to state lawmakers?

Q: Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a...

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