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Steve Coogan brings the titular character to the big screen in this occasionally hilarious outing.

  • Apr 17, 2014

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston make a convincing pair of vampires in the stylish film.

  • Apr 17, 2014

The film may be made for the Christian market, but it’s willing to grapple with questions of faith.

  • Apr 15, 2014

ESSAY | In a year featuring a bounty of religious-themed films, a critic reflects on fusing faith and work.

  • Apr 12, 2014

Tom Berninger’s behind-the-scenes look at the National is the rare rock-doc that plumbs deeper truths.

  • Apr 10, 2014

Scarlett Johansson shines as the lead character in director Jonathan Glazer’s third film.

  • Apr 10, 2014

ESSAY | As filmmakers keep upping the ante to shock viewers, what’s actually shocking anymore?

  • Apr 5, 2014

‘Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen,’ by Liel Leibovitz

  • Apr 4, 2014

In “The Unknown Known,” the documentarian’s subject is former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld.

  • Apr 3, 2014

The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bell and Stellan Skarsgard.

  • Apr 3, 2014

Errol Morris allows his subject too much leeway in this film about Rumsfeld.

  • Apr 3, 2014

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ might be the most grown-up Avengers movie yet.

  • Apr 3, 2014

The local film festival, formerly Silverdocs, continues to reshape itself.

  • Apr 2, 2014

This week, a documentary look at The National and a zombie movie set in Norway.

  • Mar 28, 2014

It’s an impressive biblical epic, despite a few off-key additions from director Darren Aronofsky.

  • Mar 27, 2014

Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent shine as a couple traveling to Paris to rekindle their romance.

  • Mar 27, 2014

‘Nymphomaniac’ suffers from lackluster casting, with the exception of Gainsbourg and Skarsgard.

  • Mar 20, 2014

Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais join an enjoyable follow-up to the 2011 hit, which re-energized the franchise.

  • Mar 20, 2014

Inspired by a Jose Saramago novel, ‘Enemy’ stars Jake Gyllenhaal in a psycho-sexual doppelganger story.

  • Mar 20, 2014

This week’s picks include a Melissa Leo comedy-drama and an indie starring a trio of YouTube stars.

  • Mar 14, 2014
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