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Tolls are the rail project’s only open-ended funding source, making them a tempting target.

  • Jul 12, 2014

New York executive Ryan Simonetti says he hopes the company will learn from his experience.

  • Jul 10, 2014

CEO says he was “kidnapped” by an Uber driver and taken on a “high-speed chase.

  • Jul 9, 2014

Critics argue that Metro could fit additional trains through the Rosslyn tunnel, which serves the Blue, Orange and soon-to-be-open Silver Line.

  • Jul 7, 2014

Wait times getting you down? Blue Line riders have bus options.

  • Jul 7, 2014

Blue Line riders will face longer waits between trains, but Metro says Yellow Line service could be an option.

  • Jul 6, 2014

The cab companies say that Uber is creating an anti-competitive environment.

  • Jul 3, 2014

The addition of eight-car trains during rush hour on the Blue Line means room for roughly 200 more passengers.

  • Jul 2, 2014

Game lets you design a solar system of your own that would last 500 years.

  • Jun 30, 2014

A quick evolutionary trick saves the the crafty creatures from a parasitic fly on Hawaiian islands.

  • Jun 30, 2014

Some patients are more susceptible than others, raising intriguing treatment possibilities.

  • Jun 30, 2014

The emergency exercise is designed to familiarize local agencies with the Silver Line. One lane of Route 7 may be closed.

  • Jun 28, 2014

The Transportation Security Administration reminds travelers that you can’t fly with fireworks.

  • Jun 27, 2014

The protest of ride-sharing services shut down Pennsylvania Avenue NW in both directions for a time.

  • Jun 25, 2014

Metro is offering 10 *lucky* people a free ride on the Silver Line.

  • Jun 25, 2014

Wednesday’s taxicab caravan to Freedom Plaza is just one in a series of protests drivers have staged against competitors Lyft, UberX and Sidecar.

  • Jun 25, 2014

Metro unveils ad campaign for the new line.

  • Jun 24, 2014

A video series offers expert advice on the latest thinking on your kid’s eating and sleeping habits and more.

  • Jun 23, 2014

Long-awaited rail line linking two economic hubs, Tysons Corner and downtown D.C., is finally set to open.

  • Jun 23, 2014

Mini bottles of hand sanitizer and cleaning cloths are among the items Metro is giving out to promote its new Silver Line.

  • Jun 23, 2014
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