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Can you solve these Common Core math test questions?

As the Common Core State Standards are being implemented in most states and the District, millions of students will be taking new exams that aim to test students on their understanding of curriculum that is aligned to the standards. Here is a sampling of questions from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), one of the two multi-state consortia designing new standardized tests.


A right circular cone is shown in the figure. Point A is the vertex of the cone and point B lies on the circumference of the base of the cone. The cone has a height of 24 units and a diameter of 20 units. What is the distance from point A to point B?



The speed of an object is defined as the change in distance divided by the change in time. Information about objects A, B, C, and D are shown. Objects C and D both have constant speed. Based on the information given, rank the object names in order from greatest speed to least speed.

A, D, B, C
A, B, C, D
A, C, B, D
A, B, D, C


Ms. Morales has a bag of beads.

  • She gives Elena 5 beads.
  • She gives Damian 8 more beads than Elena.
  • She gives Trish 4 times as many beads as Damian.

Ms. Morales then has 10 beads left in the bag.

How many beads did Damian and Trish each receive?

Damian received 8 beads; Trish received 32 beads.
Damian received 8 beads; Trish received 52 beads.
Damian received 13 beads; Trish received 52 beads.
Damian received 13 beads; Trish received 17 beads.


Using the same information as in Question 3 above, how many beads were in Ms. Morales' bag before any beads were given to students?



It is given that:

24 + 10x - x2 = p - (x - 5)2

Find the value of p.



Patricia needs to read for 120 minutes each week.

  • She read for 26 minutes on Monday.
  • She read for 39 minutes on Tuesday.
  • She read for 38 minutes on Thursday.

How many more minutes does Patricia need to read this week?



The Main Street Cinema gets a food delivery every Friday morning. On Thursday, Hannah checks the computer to determine what to order the next morning. The computer shows the amount of popcorn seed and boxes remaining at the end of each day.

Sales Sunday through Thursday are relatively consistent. Friday and Saturday are busier days, and on each of those days they sell between 200 and 300 large boxes of popcorn. On Friday and Saturday, they also sell about twice as many small and medium boxes of popcorn as they do on the other days.

She also knows that 1/3-cup of popcorn seed makes 8 cups of popcorn, and she must buy enough popcorn seed to last until the next delivery on the following Friday.

Estimate the amount of popcorn seed that Hannah should order this Friday so that there are between 100 and 200 cups of popcorn seed remaining next Friday morning.

1,025 cups
2,025 cups
925 cups
525 cups

Your score: 0 / 7

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