St. Mary's College of Maryland

St. Mary's is a public liberal arts college on a riverfront next to the site of a 17th-century colonial settlement in southern Maryland. The college, which traces its roots to a school founded in 1840, became a baccalaureate institution in the 1960s. With small class sizes and a secluded campus, St. Mary's prizes intimacy and its academic reputation as a state-designated "honors college." The watery backdrop to the campus is striking. Sailing is big. 

Latest on St. Mary's

Tuition and fees for Virginians at the public flagship university would be nearly $13,000 in coming year.

By Nick Anderson

  • Apr 17, 2014

Tuajuanda Jordan, a chemistry professor and academic dean in Oregon, will lead the public college.

By Nick Anderson

  • Mar 19, 2014

Executive director, Rob Killion, steps down from organization that oversees widely used college app portal.

By Nick Anderson

  • Feb 26, 2014

Proposal, part of a populist revolt over soaring presidential salaries, aimed to help lowest-paid employees.

By Nick Anderson, Jena McGregor

  • Feb 21, 2014

Howard joins several local colleges on national list of those that provide the most volunteers for the corps.

By Nick Anderson

  • Feb 11, 2014

The public flagship is known for generous aid, but has a small share of students in economic need.

By Nick Anderson

  • Feb 10, 2014

Schools aim to be selective and intimate, like private colleges, at a lower list price.

By Nick Anderson

  • Nov 23, 2013

Declining enrollment has led St. Mary’s College of Maryland to intensify its outreach to qualified students.

  • Nov 23, 2013

A Spanish professor is spreading written word in two languages with Zozobra Publishing.

By Eric Goldwein

  • Aug 7, 2013

Ian Newbould will take the helm at the public liberal arts college in Maryland as it faces enrollment challenge.

By Nick Anderson

  • Jun 17, 2013

Urgo requested that the board not renew his contract for “personal and professional reasons.”

By Jenna Johnson

  • Jun 5, 2013

Joseph R. Urgo asks board not to renew his contract amid concerns over shortage of students this fall.

By Jenna Johnson

  • Jun 4, 2013

Joseph Urgo takes “personal responsibility” for failing to get enough students for freshman class.

By Jenna Johnson

  • May 31, 2013

Maryland school has only locked in about two-thirds of the students it needs for a full freshman class.

By Jenna Johnson

  • May 14, 2013

Md. lawmakers voted unanimously to increase funding to the school to support a two-year tuition freeze.

By Jenna Johnson

  • Apr 12, 2013

A strategic shift aims to jump-start stagnant admissions at Maryland’s vaunted public liberal arts school. A longtime admissions officer has moved on.

By Daniel de Vise

  • Jul 16, 2012

St. Mary’s College wraps up a year-long responsible-drinking effort by converting a dorm rec room into an on-campus bar. “Talking to them about drinking, as adults, helps,” says the school’s president.

By Jenna Johnson

  • May 11, 2012

The Maryland governor couldn’t even get fellow Democrats to pass a full budget on time.

By Robert McCartney

  • Apr 12, 2012

Trustees are told employee layoffs are possible if rates are frozen.

By Jesse Yeatman

  • Mar 7, 2012

The $1 million donation for need-based aid is a significant boost for a public liberal arts college with a $30 million endowment.

By Daniel de Vise

  • Feb 23, 2012
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About St. Mary's

  • Next to historic site of St. Mary's City, a colonial capital of Maryland
  • Public college
  • No religious affiliation
  • Nearly all students are undergraduates
  • Campus on St. Mary's River near the Chesapeake Bay
  • Mascot: Seahawks
  • Fall 2013 enrollment: 1,859
  • Tuition & fees in-state (2013-14): $14,865
  • Tuition and fees out of state: $28,665

    Photo by Bill O'Leary/TWP