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Ben Bradlee was always there for his reporters. Even if it meant booking a Learjet.

  • Oct 22, 2014

The flap over Ron Klain’s qualifications mirrors a dispute from the Bush years.

  • Oct 21, 2014

Kerry names former Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.), whose 1988 presidential campaign was derailed by an extramarital affair, as representative to Northern Ireland talks

  • Oct 21, 2014

GOP criticism of new Ebola czar echoes criticism back in 2005 of a Bush administration official during the avian flu scare.

  • Oct 20, 2014

President Obama’s new Ebola “czar,” veteran Washington player Ron Klain, needs to do something fast.

  • Oct 18, 2014

Most participants figured Holder would have been gone long before he announced on Sept. 25. But some didn’t.

  • Oct 17, 2014

It’s possible the Senate would confirm former White House Counsel Kathy Ruemmler for attorney general before January-- just not very likely.

  • Oct 17, 2014

The department secretaries of the Obama administration are largely on the sidelines in this election season.

  • Oct 16, 2014

After a four-year stint as head of the chronically troubled agency, the former FBI deputy director looks to be headed to academia.

  • Oct 16, 2014

There are a number of reasons — besides Obama’s low poll numbers — why Cabinet members don’t seem to be much of a presence on the stump this year.

  • Oct 16, 2014
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Al Kamen, an award-winning columnist on the national staff of The Washington Post, created the “In the Loop” column in 1993. He began his reporting career at the Rocky Mountain News and joined The Post in 1980. He has covered local and federal courts, the Supreme Court and the State Department. Kamen assisted Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in writing “The Final Days” and Woodward and Scott Armstrong in writing “The Brethren.” Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., he graduated from McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio and Harvard College.
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