Bonnie S. Benwick

Deputy Food editor/Recipe editorWashington, D.C.


Alex Levin’s experiments in encapsulation yield a savory-sweet surprise.

  • Aug 20, 2014

The breadth of reader recipes made this year’s contest entries some of the most interesting to date.

  • Aug 18, 2014

Its place in American culinary history suggests an established series of ups and downs.

  • Aug 11, 2014

Chef Michael Harr refines the popular Mexican street food at his Fish Taco in Cabin John — just enough.

  • Aug 8, 2014

You can submit up to five recipes by midnight July 30.

  • Jul 25, 2014

Recent titles offer ideas that stretch beyond the hottest season of the year.

  • Jul 22, 2014

Top Tomato 2014: Accepting reader entries until July 30.

  • Jul 19, 2014

Founder Yael Krigman raised almost $75,000 through Kickstarter to fund the project.

  • Jul 18, 2014

No matter how it’s spelled, Nongkran Daks’s version of the classic Thai dish hits the right notes.

  • Jul 17, 2014

You have until July 30 to submit your best original tomato dishes.

  • Jul 14, 2014
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Bonnie didn’t know she wanted to work in newspapers when she graduated from Florida State with an English degree. But, as it turns out, she has loved this profession for 30 years.

She taught high-school English for a year in Tallahassee, and then moved to Washington to do freelance writing for The Smithsonian. She began her journalism career as an editorial assistant for The Air Force Times.

Shortly before The Journals, a group of Washington suburban newspapers owned by the parent company of Air Force Times, went daily in 1981, Bonnie was hired to work on the papers’ features desk. She wrote a weekly fashion column and features, and designed the Tempo sections. After a few years, she moved to the news desk and ran it till 1988.

She started at The Post in October 1989 as a part-timer on the Style copy desk, soon filling in for Sports and the Metro Weeklies. Bonnie switched to full-time on the news desk a few years later, and then moved to Outlook where she ended up as art director. The Food section was where she always wanted to be; she began working in that department in 2004. She writes the weekly Dinner in Minutes column and the monthly Washington Cooks column, in addition to supervising all recipes, editing features, reviewing cookbooks, managing photo shoots and contributing to the section’s daily All We Can Eat blog.

She is married to Thomas Donnelly, a resident fellow in defense issues at The American Enterprise Institute. They have two sons.
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