Fredrick Kunkle



The Springhouse of Silver Spring apartments are up for sale. The property is set to close in June.

  • Feb 28, 2015

American Geriatrics Society says discrimination prevents older LGBT people from receiving adequate care.

  • Feb 26, 2015

Researchers say skin biopsy contains abnormal proteins linked to brain disorders.

  • Feb 24, 2015

Report urges federal government to quicken pace of research funding as U.S. ages

  • Feb 5, 2015

Nonprofit’s program seeks to reduce hunger among aging District residents

  • Feb 4, 2015

Rare, early-onset Alzheimer’s, as shown in “Still Alice,” devastates parents and their young adult children.

  • Jan 28, 2015

Generation born between 1981 and 1997 is projected to overtake the postwar Baby Boom generation.

  • Jan 16, 2015

The film offers reminders of the progress made and the road still to be taken, parishioners say.

  • Jan 9, 2015

A French company says research holds promise for combining two drugs approved for other diseases.

  • Jan 8, 2015

Head of National Association of Area Agencies on Aging talks up campaign for healthy brains

  • Dec 31, 2014
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