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The filing is a response to a motion to dismiss the case, which attempts to reverse trademark board’s decision.

  • Oct 3, 2014

Their attorney said they were persuaded to go on the show based on “intentionally false” statements.

  • Sep 26, 2014

The controversial segment pitted Washington fans against Native Americans over the team’s name.

  • Sep 26, 2014

The opponents of the team’s name argue that owner Dan Snyder lacks the legal right to sue them.

  • Sep 22, 2014

Fans of the team say they were misled after being confronted by activists on a yet-to-air show.

  • Sep 19, 2014

Bill would revoke NFL’s tax-exempt status if the league continues to back the Washington Redskins’ name

  • Sep 19, 2014

Sen. Maria Cantwell says “The NFL needs to join the rest of Americans in the 21st century.”

  • Sep 16, 2014

The discovery of the world’s first semiaquatic dinosaur — on display as a replica — almost didn’t happen.

  • Sep 12, 2014

  • Sep 12, 2014

Naomi Alexis agrees to talk about her brother, Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people, then changes her mind.

  • Sep 12, 2014
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