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Rush Holt, a plasma physicist and retiring 8-term lawmaker, will take the top post at the science organization.

  • Nov 18, 2014

Interstellar’s cosmic error

  • Nov 17, 2014

John Hoover has taken charge at the American Embassy in the country with the highest Ebola infection rate.

  • Nov 16, 2014

USAID administrator Rajiv “Raj” Shah talks about the challenges of combatting Ebola in Liberia.

  • Nov 12, 2014

A worldwide stance of looking for “brush fires” and preventing more flare-ups is needed, experts say.

  • Nov 10, 2014

Writing tips and other lessons from John McPhee

  • Nov 10, 2014

The White House is asking Congress for more than $6 billion in emergency funding to fight the Ebola epidemic.

  • Nov 5, 2014

Abjuring Obamacentrism

  • Nov 4, 2014

The company founded by Richard Branson had hoped to launch commercial flights soon.

  • Nov 1, 2014

A second person suffered major injuries when a “serious anomaly” occurred over the Mojave Desert.

  • Oct 31, 2014
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Joel Achenbach writes on science and politics for the Post's national desk. He has been a staff writer for The Washington Post since 1990, started the newsroom’s first online column, "Rough Draft," in 1999, and started’s first blog, Achenblog, in 2005.

He has been a regular contributor to National Geographic since 1998, writing on such topics as dinosaurs, particle physics, earthquakes, extraterrestrial life, megafauna extinction and the electrical grid. A 1982 graduate of Princeton University, he has taught journalism at Princeton and Georgetown University.

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