Karen DeYoung

ReporterWashington, D.C.


The Obama administration hopes the deaths of foreign fighters sends a message to potential new recruits.

  • Jan 27, 2015

The border site has been a focus of U.S. airstrikes for the past four months.

  • Jan 26, 2015

New security measures come as the CIA carried out a drone strike against al-Qaeda’s affiliate in the country.

  • Jan 26, 2015

Citizens express optimism about normalization of relations, even if it is unclear how far measures will go.

  • Jan 24, 2015

The meeting sends a message of support as U.S. talks with the Cuban government continue.

  • Jan 23, 2015

Enthusiasm aside, Washington and Havana have five decades of distrust to overcome as they reestablish relations.

  • Jan 22, 2015

But Havana wants a change in American migration policy.

  • Jan 21, 2015

Among the Obama administration’s priorities: Greater freedom of movement for diplomats in both countries.

  • Jan 19, 2015

The U.S. and Turkey have failed to reach agreement on the geographic scope and purpose of airstrikes.

  • Jan 18, 2015

The Obama administration took its first major steps to chip away at the sanctions against Cuba.

  • Jan 15, 2015
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Karen DeYoung is associate editor and senior national security correspondent for the Washington Post. In more than three decades at the paper, she has served as bureau chief in Latin America and London and correspondent covering the the White House, U.S. foreign policy and the intelligence community, as well as assistant managing editor for national news, national editor and foreign editor. She has won numerous awards for national and international reporting and is the author of “Soldier,” a biography of Colin Powell.
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