Karoun Demirjian



The radical party Syriza’s support for Moscow complicates Western efforts to enact new sanctions.

  • Jan 29, 2015

The U.S. and E.U. seek a response to a deadly weekend rocket attack on an eastern Ukrainian port.

  • Jan 25, 2015

Shelling kills at least 30 in last bastion of Ukraine forces in the east; city’s fall would link rebels with Crimea.

  • Jan 24, 2015

His stance followed advances by pro-Moscow rebels in the key battleground of Donetsk.

  • Jan 23, 2015

The Ukrainian army retreated from key strongholds at the Donetsk airport in the country’s eastern region.

  • Jan 22, 2015

Russia replied to Obama’s speech and said: Who are you calling a bully?

  • Jan 21, 2015

The initial response from Russian television executives has been positive but non-committal.

  • Jan 21, 2015

Scientists zero in on carbon monoxide poisoning as the possible culprit in the sleeping sickness which has plagued the village of Kalachi.

  • Jan 20, 2015

A September peace deal has been eclipsed by fierce battles, mounting death tolls and harsh recriminations.

  • Jan 20, 2015

Reports said the baby had been left in a box in the the cold.

  • Jan 16, 2015
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