Margaret Ely

Digital EditorWashington, D.C.


Jo Oliver, of Highway to Hill Flowers, has tips to get you started.

  • May 15, 2015

Nappers welcome: Try a bed-in-a-box at a ‘Snooze Bar’ in Georgetown.

  • May 13, 2015

Ellie Krieger weighs in on the accuracy of the calorie counts on food labels.

  • May 8, 2015

Some ideas from Bahamas-dwelling designer India Hicks.

  • May 8, 2015

From her back porch to a full-fledged studio, how this yarn dyer grew her business while staying true to her passion.

  • May 6, 2015

Leila Dunbar, a mainstay on “Antiques Roadshow,” offers some insight into the world of valuations.

  • May 1, 2015

If you’re planning an overseas trip, consider some popular alternatives.

  • Apr 28, 2015

“Confessions of a Serial Entertainer” author Steven Stolman shares his advice.

  • Apr 24, 2015

Ellie Krieger says to try different varieties in your baked goods for a healthful punch.

  • Apr 24, 2015

A remembrance of some sites that were shut down this year, including Yahoo Directory, and more.

  • Dec 31, 2014
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