Paul Kane

ReporterWashington, D.C.


Fresh off their legal victory, they hope to target discrimination in housing, financial dealings, employment and other areas.

  • Jun 27, 2015

Fear lingers that party doesn’t have an economic agenda that appeals to the middle class.

  • Jun 25, 2015

The president’s months-long saga could conclude by Friday with a major victory for the White House.

  • Jun 23, 2015

White House and GOP leaders are trying to box in rebellious Democrats on trade votes.

  • Jun 21, 2015

The president bounced back from last week’s Democratic snub, but he has a lot of work left.

  • Jun 18, 2015

Boehner now has until end of July to decide fate of measure, providing time for possible alternatives.

  • Jun 16, 2015

With prospects dim, the president and House speaker sought more time to find a way to rescue the legislation.

  • Jun 15, 2015

The rebuke from the president’s own party on a Pacific Rim accord left his trade agenda on life support.

  • Jun 12, 2015

The president draws the wrath of his own party as his personal appeals for support on free trade go unheeded.

  • Jun 12, 2015

The Democratic leader in waiting critiques Leader McConnell’s tenure.

  • Jun 12, 2015
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