Sandra G. Boodman



MEDICAL MYSTERIES | A rare condition left her unable to walk, speak clearly or use her left hand.

  • Apr 20, 2015

The ripple effects of a sore finger, severe abdominal pain, a swollen jaw and a maddeningly itchy scalp.

  • Mar 16, 2015

Once known as having a “good bedside manner,” showing empathy benefits patients and physicians.

  • Mar 9, 2015

What was causing a professor’s unpredictable voice and stabbing head pain?

  • Feb 23, 2015

The actual cause of her sudden fatigue and swollen ankles was something she never expected.

  • Jan 26, 2015

By all rights, Dana Deighton should be dead by now. At least that’s what her doctors told her.

  • Dec 22, 2014

Joan Rivers’s death puts the world of outpatient surgery centers in the spotlight.

  • Dec 15, 2014

MEDICAL MYSTERIES | Brain scans found nothing. Then an ear, nose and throat doctor figured it out.

  • Nov 24, 2014

Weeks apart, a husband and wife are diagnosed with rare — and similar — illnesses.

  • Oct 27, 2014
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