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Yevgeny Panteleikin, a local blogger, dumps a bucket of cold liquid nitrogen on himself during a flash mob on the embankment of the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, November 20, 2014. Panteleikin and several other enthusiasts poured cold liquid nitrogen on themselves, bearing the temperature of about minus 196 degrees Celsius (minus 320.8 degrees Fahrenheit), while taking part in an event resembling the popular 'Ice Bucket Challenge' project and aimed at the popularization of natural sciences among children and teenagers. The experiment demonstrated the Leidenfrost effect phenomenon, in which a liquid produces a layer of insulating vapour that prevents the liquid getting into a direct contact with a surface much hotter than the liquid's boiling point, according to organizers. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin (RUSSIA - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

A man in Siberia dumps a bucket of liquid nitrogen on his head.

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Day in photos

Turkeys, Buffalo digs out, transsexual fashion show, President Obama’s immigration speech and more.

Top Turkey recipes for Thanksgiving

We share our best recipes for roasting, smoking, glazing and brining turkey.

Take this snow and shovel it

Residents — and roofs — in the Buffalo region are pushed to their limits after getting seven feet of snow in a few days.

Buffalo feels lake-effect Snowmageddon

As of Thursday morning, more than five feet of snow had accumulated in Erie County, N.Y.

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Men push a log out of the water near Okobaba sawmill at the edge of the Lagos Lagoon. (Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters)

Deforestation vs daily life: The logging industry in Nigeria

Though the practice has lead to deforestation, logging in Nigeria is a daily necessity for heat and power to millions of Nigerians.

Street artist. Hellshire Beach, St. Catherine. (Francesco Giusti/Prospekt Photo)

Kingston to Montego Bay: The new Jamrock

One photographer documents the vibrant soul of present-day Jamaica.


(Astrid Riecken / For The Washington Post)

In sickness and in health

For D.C. couple, a genetic disorder is rewriting the final chapters of a journey more than three and a half decades in the making.

    (Mike Groll / AP)

    Take this snow and shovel it

    Residents — and roofs — in the Buffalo region are pushed to their limits after getting seven feet of snow in a few days.

    (Sarah L. Voisin / The Washington Post)

    Obama’s speech brings joy to some, disappointment to others

    Immigrants and their supporters gathered in across the country to listen as President Obama outlined his plan.

    (Sebastien Bozon / AFP/Getty Images)

    Animal views

    Fun and fascinating creatures around the world.

    (Rich Lipski)

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