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SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA - JULY 02:  A mine detection rat is given banana as a reward after successfully identifying an inactive mine on July 2, 2015 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) working with the Belgian NGO APOPO has recently begun testing the feasability of using large mine detection rats from Tanzania to help clear fields of mines and unexploded ordnance in one of the most bombed and mined countries in the world.  (Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)

(Taylor Weidman / Getty Images)

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What life looks like in a really tiny house

America is having a big love affair with tiny houses.

D.C. residents capture damage from storm

In July’s opening moments, a violent complex of storms downed scores of trees and produced blinding rain.

Day in photos

A mine detection rat in Cambodia, a 99 pound turtle, full diplomatic ties reestablished with Cuba and more.

Glimpses of what life is like in North Korea

Scenes from inside the hermit kingdom.

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PH/STAFF Washington Post Studio DATE: 4/15/04 PHOTO: Julia Ewan/TWP CAPTION: Michel du Cille, The Washington Post. Assistant Managing Editor/Photography... manORG XMIT: DIGITAL

The career of Washington Post photojournalist Michel du Cille

Michel du Cille died at 58 doing the work he loved. He was completely devoted to the story of Ebola, and he was determined to stay on the story despite its risks.

A school photo of 9-year-old Mick Jagger at Wentworth Junior County Primary School in his hometown of Dartford, Britain, in 1951. (Stones Archive/Getty Images)

This is what the Rolling Stones looked like as little boys

Get a preview of baby and schoolboy photos of the Rolling Stones, from an upcoming exhibition in London.


(Orestis Panagiotou / EPA)

Greeks flood ATMs after banks close

Shuttered banks and a closed stock market cause many to panic and buy more gas and goods.

(Andrew Burton / Getty Images)

Rising seas, warming temperatures force Alaskan village inland

After thousands of years living on the shores of the Ninglick River, the Yup’ik people are being forced to higher ground.

    (Jamal Saidi / Reuters)

    Animal views

    Fun and fascinating creatures around the world.

    (Don Seabrook / AP)

    Surreal scenes of the blazing Wash. wildfire

    The Sleepy Hollow Fire, which began June 28 near Wenatchee, Wash., has forced hundreds to evacuate the area.

    (Mike Morgan for The Washington Post)

    What life looks like in a really tiny house

    America is having a big love affair with tiny houses.

      (Rich Lipski)

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