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A man uses a snowmobile to travel along a street before dawn during a winter snowstorm Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in Boston. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

A sman rides a snowmobile in downtown Boston.

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Best news photos of the week

Gov. Larry Hogan’s snowy inauguration in Maryland and more key images from the week’s news.

The remnants of Auschwitz’s dark history

From original blueprints to a rare photo album, artifacts from the infamous concentration camps in Poland are still surfacing.

Where do banned TSA items go? Look to Pennsylvania.

No, officers don’t keep anything. These brass knuckles, knives and more make their way to a surplus store.

Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks dies at 83

Ernie Banks always maintained his boundless enthusiasm for baseball despite decades of playing on miserable teams. That was the charm of “Mr. Cub.”

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PH/STAFF Washington Post Studio DATE: 4/15/04 PHOTO: Julia Ewan/TWP CAPTION: Michel du Cille, The Washington Post. Assistant Managing Editor/Photography... manORG XMIT: DIGITAL

The career of Washington Post photojournalist Michel du Cille

Michel du Cille died at 58 doing the work he loved. He was completely devoted to the story of Ebola, and he was determined to stay on the story despite its risks.

Eight month old Afiniki lost her left arm in a Boko Haram attack on the Christian village of Chakawa in Jos, Nigeria, January 26th, 2014. (Andy Spyra/Laif/Redux)

A haunting look at Boko Haram’s reign of terror in nothern Nigeria

Andy Spyra revisited Nigeria in 2014 and took a deeper dive into Boko Haram’s physical and emotional impact across the region.


Harmony and Jayla Bryant in their Kettering neighborhood. (M. du Cille/Post)

‘I would never have thought that . . . this would happen’

Residents of Maryland’s Prince George’s County have seen the housing crisis destroy their wealth.

    (Matt McClain / The Washington Post)

    Gay couple’s wedding brings joy after anxiety

    Kathryn Frazier and Tracy Curtis wondered if anyone would come to their wedding in red Oklahoma. Sixty people did.

    (Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

    Best news photos of the week

    Gov. Larry Hogan’s snowy inauguration in Maryland and more key images from the week’s news.

    (Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post)

    In D.C., thousands ‘March for Life’

    Abortion opponents rally on the Mall, optimistic that the nation’s views are coming around.

      (Rich Lipski)

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