Rick Santorum announces second presidential bid

After winning 11 states in 2012, Santorum carries his conservative message into a tougher 2016 field.

White House has been aided recently by ruling in contraceptives case

Appellate courts have sided with the Obama administration in recent decisions.

O’Malley backers launch super PAC ahead of Democrat’s presidential bid

Generation Forward leaders say the former Maryland governor can best represent young voters.

In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders takes aim at Hillary Clinton on trade

“I just don’t know how you don’t have an opinion on this important issue.”


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Nebraska’s abolishing the death penalty means a lot more for politics than it does for prisoners

Only three prisoners have been executed in the state since 1976.

Nebraska, and the conservative case for opposing the death penalty

Conservative Nebraska is about to get rid of it. Anomaly or beginning of a trend?

How often the 2016 candidates agreed (and disagreed) in their Senate votes, charted

Rand Paul likes to buck his party.

George Pataki, in his own words

Former New York governor George Pataki is a potential contender for the White House in 2016. Here's the Republican's take on tax reform, the Islamic State, student loans and more, in his own words.

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In return to S.C., Clinton accuses GOP of neglecting women, minorities

The Democratic front-runner sought to move beyond any lasting damage from her 2008 loss in the state.

Clinton Foundation donors included FIFA, Qatar host committee

The soccer-related donations to the foundation came into focus as the U.S. alleged deep-rooted corruption at FIFA. The Clinton Foundation has no involvement with the investigations.

Santorum: 'I know what it's like to be an underdog'

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum announced his 2016 candidacy for president in Butler County, Pa. In his speech, Santorum attacked Hillary Clinton's stance on immigration, saying her support of unskilled labor is because "she just wants votes."

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Memo to federal workers: Using marijuana could cost you your job

A Reagan-era directive remains in place requiring the federal workplace and workforce to be drug-free.

Rick Santorum announces second presidential bid

After winning 11 states in 2012, Santorum carries his conservative message into a tougher 2016 field.

Do Republicans have a Duggar problem?

Until recently the Duggars were a very popular family in the Republican Party. But allegations of sexual misconduct against Joshua Duggar have complicated matters for politicians seeking evangelical support. The Post's Chris Cillizza explains.

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Jim Webb’s Iowa director resigns

The possible candidate, not known for a conventional political operation, has lost his second Iowa operative.

The Jindal vs Paul flame war heats up

That escalated quickly.

Obama administration won’t seek emergency stay from Supreme Court on immigration injunction

The Department of Justice will focus on appeals court hearing in July aimed at allowing Obama's deferred action program to go forward

Is this how Washington focuses on Latin America?

The Organization of American States is meeting in Washington June 15 but there's no U.S. ambassador to it.

Rand Paul shows no sign of backing off NSA fight

After dashing fellow Republicans' hopes of extending surveillance program, Ky. senator holds fast in media blitz.

Clinton talks how Obama persuaded her to be secretary of state

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton spoke in Columbia, S.C., about the gender gap and why she's running for president. The former senator also shared a story about how persuasive President Obama was when asking her to become secretary of state back in 2008.

Ohio Gov. Kasich looks to announce 2016 presidential bid this summer

The two-term governor and former House member will focus on his record of fiscal conservatism.

Fiorina plays the gadfly, needling Clinton and getting press

Clinton is Fiorina's foil and chief raison d'etre in her long-shot bid for the GOP nomination.

Legalized pot? Not for federal employees.

New guidance from the Office of Personnel Management on Wednesday is unambiguous and stern.

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