Full coverage: Sarah Palin’s e-mails released

Sarah Palin emails show concern about alcohol in Alaska governor’s mansion

As a mother of two teens, Palin was concerned about the alcohol stored in the liquor cabinet in the governor’s mansion, and suggested that it be stowed away in boxes.

“With so many kids and teens coming and going in that house, esp during this season of celebrationstt [sic] for young people — proms, graduations, etc, I want to send the msg that we can be — and “the People’s House” needs to be — alcohol-free,” she wrote to Erika Fagerstrom, the executive residence manager, on May 6, 2007.

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Full coverage: Palin e-mails

Her aides saw an opportunity in this request.

“Might I suggest that you box some of those bottles ... and we tape you doing so while also speaking to the message,” her spokeswoman Meg Stapleton chimed in.

It’s unclear if this public service announcement video ever got made, but Stapleton indicated in her e-mail that the alcohol would be boxed up regardless.

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