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2012 Republican National Convention

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Odds that LeBron James could topple Republican Convention in Cleveland

If the four-time MVP chooses to go back to Cleveland, the 2016 GOP Convention could be in trouble.

Las Vegas, Cincinnati out of contention for 2016 Republican convention

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

The host committee told the RNC it would withdraw its name from consideration.

The Idaho Republican convention this weekend was a total fiasco

Explaining how the Idaho GOP’s convention ended without solving anything.


Clint Eastwood speaks at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Clint Eastwood delivers remarks at the 2012 Republican National Convention, utilizing some novel tactics to address President Obama.


2012 Republican National Convention

(Scott Iskowitz / AP)

The Republican National Convention by the numbers

Officially, the Republican National Convention is where the Republican party nominates its candidate for president. Unofficially, it's a whole lot more.


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