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Seeking the limelight, Biden courts key Dem groups

(J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Caught in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s perpetual shadow, Joe Biden is working to boost his political profile among key Democratic voting blocs, a move that could help the vice president fashion himself as a more liberal alternative in the 2016 presidential race.


Biden among Urban League meeting speakers in Ohio

National Urban League leaders will focus on jobs and pay in U.S. cities during a conference this week that will draw some top Democratic and Republican politicians courting minority support.

Biden versus Gates: foreign-policy smackdown

Both Vice President Biden and former Defense Secretary Gates score points when they list each other’s failures.

Joe Biden is the most interesting politician who has no chance of becoming president

The highlights from the New Yorker’s new profile of the vice president.


Biden: US won’t rest until VA problems fixed

Vice President Joe Biden is telling veterans that the Obama administration won’t rest until major problems at the Veterans Affairs Department get fixed.

Joe Biden’s nephew is a DJ in the Hamptons. Really.

If you are related to the vice president, prepare for a lifetime of answering questions about it.


Biden celebrated as progressive hero for speaking ‘first’ on gay marriage

(Carlos Osorio / AP)

At a gathering of liberal activisits in Detroit, Joe Biden revels in his status as a leading voice for gay rights.


Turkish PM says he, Obama no longer talk directly

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he no longer holds “direct” telephone conversations with U.S. President Barack Obama, suggesting a rift between the leaders who were once close.


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