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VP Biden attending Brown fundraiser

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee Anthony Brown is getting some fundraising help from Vice President Joe Biden.


Biden to join Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Brown at fundraiser Tuesday

(Jim Young / Reuters)

The vice president is scheduled to appear at a luncheon in Georgetown to benefit the Maryland candidate.


Biden to Iraqi leaders: Time for new government

Vice President Joe Biden has called three top Iraqi leaders to call for the formation of a new government of Iraq and encourage their opposition to the Islamic State terror group.


Biden voices support for Georgia’s NATO wishes

Vice President Joe Biden tells Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili that he supports the former Soviet republic’s desire to join NATO. Georgia’s aspirations to join the Western alliance are a sore point with Russia.


Biden: US would help Iraq pursue federal system

Vice President Joe Biden says the U.S. is prepared to help Iraq pursue a federal system that would decentralize power away from Baghdad.

Even a 50-50 Senate probably won’t require Joe Biden to break too many ties

The Senate could end up split. But 50-50 votes are so passe.


Biden welcomes Castro amid 2016 VP chatter

Vice President Joe Biden gave a hearty welcome Monday to the man many Democrats hope will someday replace him.


Charge changed in ‘Joe Biden defense’ firearm case

A prosecutor says he’ll dismiss a firearms charge against a man who contends he was following the advice of Vice President Joe Biden when he fired a shotgun in the air to chase off intruders.

Run, Joe, run!

The VP is biding his time and thinking


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